Ian Kerr: ”Robots and their Human Counterparts” (In 2 Words - Law+Tech)

The talk was presented March 15th, 2016, during the “Cyber + Health” panel at the In 2 Words Conference “Law + Tech - Current Issues in eHealth and Cybersurveillance” organised by the L.R. Wilson Chair at the Université de Montréal.


About the talk

Robots and their Human Counterparts: How AI and Robotics Could Change Medical Practice and its Regulation

This presentation investigates the changing landscape of medical practice as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are increasingly employed in the health sector. In a foresighting exercise, Ian considers some of the thorny law and policy implications sure to arise if robots and AI surpass their human counterparts at performing surgeries, diagnosing illness, and treating disease.

Download slides (PDF) (Forthcoming)


About the speaker

Dr. Ian Kerr holds the Canada Research Chair in Ethics, Law & Technology at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. He also holds cross-appointments to the Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Philosophy.

More informations at iankerr.ca

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