This talk will explore how big data analytics are used to monitor security vulnerability disclosures in the dark market, and how to prevent the zero day vulnerabilities from becoming escalated acts of persistent advanced cybersecurity threats. Vulnerabilities are lucrative commodities in the dark market as well as in legitimate markets, and there are fewer safeguards in place for this type of big data surveillance than there are for more traditional (and the focus of media stories) big data uses in national security, and in particular for terrorism. Ms. Maurushat will argue that more transparency and safeguards are required for less known forms of big data surveillance.

Prof. Alana Maurushat B.A. in Communications (University of Calgary), B.C.L.(McGill), LL.B. (McGill), LL.M. with Concentration in Law and Technology (University of Ottawa), PhD (University of New South Wales) is Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UNSW, Key Researcher on the CRC Data to Decisions – Big Data in National Security (www.d2dcrc.com.au)

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